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Sunday, June 25, 2017

How Do I Restore A Blogspot Blog Layout

Today i want to show you something so important because some of us make this mistake everything we do a new thing in our Blog
Everyone want to try new things by applying some new themes to blogs or writing some customized Html code which may work good for us or may cause damage to the entire work you have done a these while.

This hope when you download a third party templates or you want to change some default codes like, adding a customized widgets. The mistakes some bloggers make is that they forget to back up the current templates they are using so this may lead to total removal of all the old settings like, Layouts and other arrangements you might have made before now which will cause you alot of work to fixed. So blogers often get frustrated at this point and just give up the good work they have started but there is still hope of recovering whatever you lost.

How Do I Restore My Layouts 

To avoid future crash of your blog it is recommended that you do a back up and restore before adding or removing anything from your default themes so that you can easily restore them when you have any challenge in the future.

To do a backup and restore do the followings.

  • Open Your Blog 
  • Go to your Control panel, where you have the access to post or do any changes to your blog 
  • Click on Backup and restore at the top of your blog and allow it to automatically create the backup file for you and saved
  • When you have done that you can relate to it everytime you have a problem.
Note: you can have multiple backup and restore for each action you want to take.
Hope this help you, please comment so i can serve you better.

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