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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Solved: How to Create A Folder In A Computer For Beginners

Learn how to create folder in the computer in two ways which are very easy steps to follow.

>>>Solved: How to Create A Folder In A Computer For Beginners. 
The computer is very important in our  today living since the world is turning to a Global world it is very important that you have a little or more ideas about how the computer works. There are different types of computer but for  the seek of this tutorial am not going to dwell on then, you can check out my article about computers generally.
Now here it goes the few steps to create a folder: Remember i told you, you can create folder in two ways or methods.
>>>First Method:
Step1: Boot up your computer to windows level and right click on any empty space in your desktop, you will see a pop up window.
Step2: Click new to expand the pop up window and select folder and give it your desired name and press enter key from your keyboard.

>>>Second Method: Press Windows Key + E to open Windows Explorer from your keyboard and look for new folder at the top of the Explorer window then give it a name and press enter.

Hope this help you, you can leave us with a comment about anything you wished to know and always check out for new updates.

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