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Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Best Ways To Make Cool Money Blogging



Some people thinks Bloggers are fools whenever you tell them what you do on the internet they will always try to whelm you down but there is a reward for everything we do, so don't give up the good work you have started.

There is a good thing making cool cash from what you know how to do best but you must be ready to work towards it without being discouraged by anyone, most times it is better to keep calm and let your success speaks for you, in that way  you't get unnecessary words from friends and all those who thinks you are up here for fun. 

If you have ever wanted to make money blogging you found the right place, I took it as a pain to start this fresh Blog to teach people and also to let them know the best ways to make money through their because so many Bloggers end up closing their blogs after a short time because they had no adequate information and training before picking up the Blogging career. 

You must be ready to work when people are sleeping and sleeping when people are awake, that is the simple Algorithm of how blogging works.  Be the first to give an updates so your readers will always stick to your blog.


These are the basic ways to make money blogging
  1. Create a Blog 
  2. Create useful contents
  3. Build a relationship in social media and other part of the web
  4. make a strong platform 
  5. Choose your income earnings methods
It is time to talk about them one after the other, please if you're not clear in any place just comment to draw my attention, like i told you this is a fresh Blog so with your regular visits and content sharing we can build a stronger platform.

1.  Create A Blog.

Creating a Blog is the easiest thing ever that anyone can do from the comfort of their finger tips.
If you had a Blog before now it is a good start off but if you don't have one you can create one now. Check  out my next article on how to create a good Blog without making some errors that will after you later in future.

If you have created the blog then lets move on to the next on our list.

2. Create useful contents

Now you got a Blog, remember one thing is to get a Blog and another thing is to make it active because readers will only visit your Blog over and over if you're posting updates regularly 

Posting of contents on your Blog is what keeps it active so you most post at least twice in a week for a new Blog.

One thing is to choose topics to write about. You should only write about topics you know too well because you slower the growth of your Blog when readers keep asking questions you can't answer.

3. Build a relationship in social media and other part of the web

Let the world know about what you can offer in your Blog, post updates linking back to your Blog in your socail media timeline such as facebook, Twitter and many others, tell your friends and family members what you're up to. 

Find people who could use the information you provide. Get to know them, interact with them, be friendly and helpful by offering no-strings attached of your expertise. Word of you will spread by those people you helped.

4. Make a strong platform

As you grow in your knowledge of giving the best you can to help people also think about the reputation you get, build trust, let your visitors trust you and you will gain authority over your Blog.

And the last on our list is the one you have been waiting for so lets go there.

5. Choose your income earnings methods

When i say income earning methods many will think you can just start getting the money without working for it but the truth is that you must work in order to get paid and the interesting part of it all is that you can just a little work that will pay you big in the future.

Making money from your blog involves some little work just as i said, so some of the methods are:

1. Affiliate marketing
you can make much money selling for someone you have not met before by applying for his affiliate program. You can read more about affiliate programs as my next article here, always walk around to some interesting secrets.

2. Being a freelance writer.
You can write for big websites and get paid for your article with any topic of your choice.

Hope this helped you? Don't forget to comment ...

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